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Difference between Closed Pod & Open Pod System

by Myle Traders LLC
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The closed pod system was the first type of pod device to take over the market. It consists of a battery and a pod cartridge that already contains juice. Typically, the manufacturer of a closed pod system will offer a selection of flavors. All that you have to do is snap the pre-filled pod cartridge into the battery and vape away.


  • These devices are especially popular with vapers who don’t want to put a lot of effort into enjoying their vaping experience.
  • With each pod coming pre-filled, you don’t have to deal with pouring the e-liquid into the atomizer. Therefore, you’ll likely save time.
  • Because each pod is already filled with juice, it’s less likely that you’ll run into any problems while you vape.
  • A pod cartridge that’s too full can leak, resulting in a variety of annoyances. Closed pod system prevents that from happening.


  • One of the biggest drawbacks when it comes to using a closed pod system is the fact that the user can’t experiment with the enormous variety of flavors that are out there.
  • If you’re using a closed pod system, you can only use the pre-filled pods that are made by the same manufacturer.
  • It’s also believed that closed pod systems force you to spend more money over time. This is because most pre-filled juice pods are more expensive than the same amount of e-liquid in a separate bottle.


Open pod systems consist of a pod mod and a pod cartridge that’s refillable. This allows the user to choose any salt nic e-liquid that they’d like. Typically, the pod cartridge has a small plug that reveals a fill port.


  • Open pod systems are mostly popular among vapers who are used to more complex setups. That’s because they’re used to the concept of choosing an e-liquid and pouring it into a tank.
  • By using an open pod system, the user can try any salt nic vape juice that’s on the market, meaning that they’re not limited to the pre-filled pods that are made by the pod system manufacturer.
  • Also, many fans of open pod systems find that they save money because it’s cheaper to buy e-liquid by the bottle than to invest in packs of pre-filled juice pods.


  • Some people find that filling a pod cartridge is too much of a hassle.
  • Because the fill ports on pod cartridges are rather small, it’s easy to make a mess while refilling the cartridge.

Completely Up to You

There’s really no right or wrong type of pod system. The beauty of vaping is that you can choose the right hardware based on your unique vape preferences.

by Myle Traders LLC


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