Learn everything you need to know about coil resistance and ohms. Our comprehensive guide explains how to calculate and choose the right ohms for your vaping experience.

Coils are an essential part of vaping, and most vapers have bought or will buy them at some point. However, many vapers may not pay attention to the ohm rating of their coil, which can significantly impact their vaping experience. In this article, we will provide a simple explanation of Ohm's Law and how the ohm rating of your coil can affect your vaping experience.

What is a Coil?

A coil is a small wire that is wrapped around a wick and heated up by the battery. The heat generated by the wire vaporizes the e-juice absorbed by the wick, which is then inhaled when you vape. There are two types of coils: single coil and double coil. A single coil is a wire wrapped around a wick, while a double coil is simply two coils and two wicks. Most tanks made within the last 2 years have a bottom coil, which means the coil is located at the bottom of the tank. You may also come across the acronym BVC, which stands for bottom vertical coil, meaning the coil is built vertically instead of horizontally. The Aspire Nautilus and Nautilus Mini with their BVC coils are considered some of the best vaping and flavor tanks, but it's always good to try a few different options to see what you like.

What is Ohm's Law?

Ohm's Law is a fundamental principle of electricity that relates the current flowing through a wire to the voltage and resistance of the wire. In simpler terms, it means that the lower the resistance of a wire, the more current will flow through it for a given voltage. The formula for Ohm's Law is I = V/R, where I is the current, V is the voltage, and R is the resistance.

How Does Ohm Rating Affect Your Vaping Experience?

The ohm rating of your coil can significantly impact your vaping experience. The lower the ohm rating, the harder the hit, more vapor, warmer the vape, and shorter the battery life before recharging. On the other hand, a higher ohm rating results in less of a hit, not as much vapor, a cooler vape, and longer battery life before recharging.

Personal Preference and Variable Voltage/Wattage Batteries

Whether to use a higher or lower ohm rating depends mostly on personal preference. If you have a variable voltage or variable wattage battery, you can personalize your vaping experience even more by adjusting the voltage or wattage to achieve the desired hit and vapor production.

Where to Find the Ohm Rating?

Most of the time, the ohm rating of your coil will be printed on the side of the coil, probably in very fine print. Some of the more common ohm ratings are 1.5, 1.6, 1.8, 2.1, 2.2, and 2.5 ohms. If you are unsure of what ohm rating to use, start with something around 1.8 ohms and adjust from there.


Understanding the ohm rating of your coil is crucial for achieving your desired vaping experience. The lower the ohm rating, the harder the hit and warmer the vape, while a higher ohm rating results in a cooler vape and longer battery life. Personal preference plays a significant role in deciding the right ohm rating for you, and with variable voltage or variable wattage batteries, you can further customize your vaping experience. Always be sure to check the ohm rating when purchasing coils and try a few different options to find what works best for you.